The Maniharsha Payment Card (M Card) is a simple tool that provides patients great ease and convenience to make payments for any service at any department of Grande City Hospital- doctor fees, laboratory tests, imaging and even medicine – a truly cashless payment system.

 Maniharsh Card

Features of the M Card:

  • Get a 2% discount on all payments made using the M Card
  • On a minimum balance of Rs. 500 (kept for a minimum of one month), earn interest @ 6% p.a. Interest is calculated on your daily balance that will be credited to the card after one month.


How to obtain and use the M Card:

  • Obtain the M Card by filling a form and paying a one-time fee of Rs. 50. Along with the M Card, you will receive your password.
  • Before use, top it up with cash. This can be done at any of the cashiers.
  • Present it at any POS machine throughout the hospital and enter your password.
  • If you forget your password, the Administration department can provide a new password.
  • If you lose your M Card, you can receive a new M Card with your previous card’s balance with a payment of Rs. 50.